Meningitis BC – Take a Stand

Our VP Athletics and Social lost a dear friend earlier this year.

Take a stand, Leo Chan needs your help.

For those of you who did not know Leo, he was a bright, ambitious student whose life was cut too short. He contracted a preventable strain of meningitis and died shortly afterwards in Victoria. He was studying political science at UVIC and had ambitions to become the prime minister one day. Leo was always a kind person, who never mistreated anyone. I remember watching Leo get bullied in high school and then help those same people with their homework. That is testament to his character and now we need your help.

We need your help to spread awareness of meningitis and get a petition signed that will give students free vaccinations. The strain that took Leo’s life was preventable, but many people do not know that they can get the shot that would have saved his life. Additionally, it is an expensive shot and that is why the Chans are petitioning to have to offered FOR FREE to high risk BC citizens (all teenagers and young adults). BC is currently one of the only four provinces that does NOT offer this shot for free. We need to change that.

WHO: You! We need your signatures and the signatures of everyone you know

WHAT: Meningitis awareness

WHERE: Anywhere you can find signatures


WHY: To raise awareness of this preventable illness.

Meningitis BC:


1) Go to “sign our petition” and download the PDF (or download the PDF from the group files)

2) Print it

3) Ask anyone you know for signatures (must be legal BC residents)

4) Send them to


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