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The JDC West Academic Competition is divided into 9 Academic Cases and an Entrepreneurial Pitch.  Each of these 10 teams is composed of 3 individuals.

Academic Cases:

Each team will be given a fixed 3 hour time frame to analyze a specialized case, identify issues, and create solutions and a recommendation plan. Teams will then present a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation to a panel of judges, composed of industry professionals and experts.

The 2019 Academic case teams are as follows:


_DSC7537 copy.jpg

Business Strategy

_DSC7546 copy.jpg


_DSC7554 copy.jpg

Human Resources Management

International Business

_DSC7591 copy.jpg

Business Technology Management

_DSC7529 copy.jpg


_DSC7564 copy.jpg

Not-For-Profit Business Strategy

_DSC7572 copy.jpg

Operations Management

_DSC7579 copy.jpg


_DSC7603 copy.jpg

Help us defend our 2013 “Academic School of the Year” title!