Team Highlights

Over the years, SFU has succeeded in a variety of the competition categories.

2019School of the Year1stTom Kadota & Ryan Wong
2019Academic School of the Year1stTom Kadota & Ryan Wong
2019Business Strategy1stTom Kadota & Ryan Wong
2019Finance1stTom Kadota & Ryan Wong
2019International Business1stTom Kadota & Ryan Wong
2019Marketing1stTom Kadota & Ryan Wong
2019Operations Management2ndTom Kadota & Ryan Wong
2019Athletics1stTom Kadota & Ryan Wong
2019Debate1stTom Kadota & Ryan Wong
2019Social2ndTom Kadota & Ryan Wong
2018Athletics2ndGinny Hsiang
2018Business Strategy2ndGinny Hsiang
2018Business Technology1stGinny Hsiang
2018Finance2ndGinny Hsiang
2018Marketing1stGinny Hsiang
2018Not-for-Profit1stGinny Hsiang
2017Human Resources1stJordan Binotto & Joy Marlinga
2017Not-for-Profit1stJordan Binotto & Joy Marlinga
2017Taxation2ndJordan Binotto & Joy Marlinga
2017Entrepreneurship3rdJordan Binotto & Joy Marlinga
2016Business Strategy3rdBen Hellner & Tyler Chan
2016Marketing2ndBen Hellner & Tyler Chan
2016Social3rdBen Hellner & Tyler Chan
2015Business Strategy2ndJeremy Chao & Grace Yang
2015Human Resources1stJeremy Chao & Grace Yang
2015Management Info Systems1stJeremy Chao & Grace Yang
2014Academic School of the Year3rdNatalie Botteselle & Simone Foreman
2014Entrepreneurship1stNatalie Botteselle & Simone Foreman
2014Finance2ndNatalie Botteselle & Simone Foreman
2014Management Info Systems3rdNatalie Botteselle & Simone Foreman
2014Taxation3rdNatalie Botteselle & Simone Foreman
2013Academic School of the Year1stAmit Bhagat & Joel Thom
2013School of the Year3rdAmit Bhagat & Joel Thom
2013Accounting3rdAmit Bhagat & Joel Thom
2013Business Strategy2ndAmit Bhagat & Joel Thom
2013Debate3rdAmit Bhagat & Joel Thom
2013Finance1stAmit Bhagat & Joel Thom
2013Human Resources2ndAmit Bhagat & Joel Thom
2013International Business1stAmit Bhagat & Joel Thom
2013Management Info Systems2ndAmit Bhagat & Joel Thom
2013Taxation2ndAmit Bhagat & Joel Thom
2012Athletics3rdAshley Cho
2012Social2ndAshley Cho
2011Business Strategy3rdBrandon Chapman & Stefanie Klein
2011Management Info Systems1stBrandon Chapman & Stefanie Klein
2011Not For Profit Strategy2ndBrandon Chapman & Stefanie Klein
2010Athletics3rdErica Rizzo
2010Entrepreneurship3rdErica Rizzo
2010Finance3rdErica Rizzo
2010Human Resources1stErica Rizzo
2010Taxation1stErica Rizzo
2009Business Strategy1stFarah Saad & Loveleen Sull
2009Entrepreneurship3rdFarah Saad & Loveleen Sull
2009Human Resources1stFarah Saad & Loveleen Sull
2009Marketing3rdFarah Saad & Loveleen Sull
2008Business Strategy1stDylan Vokey & Travis Wong
2008International Business1stDylan Vokey & Travis Wong
2008Management Info Systems2ndDylan Vokey & Travis Wong
2008Social3rdDylan Vokey & Travis Wong
2007School of the Year1stJasmine Cumberland & Lejla Pekaric
2007Accounting2ndJasmine Cumberland & Lejla Pekaric
2007Athletics2ndJasmine Cumberland & Lejla Pekaric
2007Debate1stJasmine Cumberland & Lejla Pekaric
2007Entrepreneurship3rdJasmine Cumberland & Lejla Pekaric
2007Human Resources2ndJasmine Cumberland & Lejla Pekaric
2007International Business1stJasmine Cumberland & Lejla Pekaric
2007Management Info Systems1stJasmine Cumberland & Lejla Pekaric
2007Social3rdJasmine Cumberland & Lejla Pekaric
2006Accounting2ndAngela Ling
2006Athletics1stAngela Ling
2006Debate3rdAngela Ling
2006Entrepreneurship2ndAngela Ling
2006Human Resources1stAngela Ling
2006Management Info Systems1stAngela Ling
2006Marketing3rdAngela Ling